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Home Buyers Tax credit time is running out…see details from below

The spring market has begun early this year partially due to the rush to find a home for buyers trying to take advantage of the Home Buyer Tax Credit.  The interest rates are still very affordable and there are many amazing properties just waiting for new owners.  Please see the article below if you have any questions about the tax credit.


Another reason why I love Keller Williams Realty…

This was a post from a fellow Keller Williams Realtor in Minneapolis Lakes…it explains well why I LOVE working with Keller Williams Realty!   Jeni

Here it is…

Give your family the BEST of you—not the REST of you…

March 5, 2010 · 6 Comments

The first quarterly Keller Williams Integrity Lakes Leadership Summit today left many of our Top Agents walking away with a little different perspective on our business, our families and ultimately our “Big Why” and truly what’s important in our lives.

We had the honor of having Mark Allen, CEO of the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors with us to give a market update.. In addition we had Darren Kittleson, Real Estate Owner, Trainer, Coach and Mega Agent from Madison with us to mastermind and discuss the book “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews.

As we discussed the 7 Decisions for personal success in the book, Brent Johnson made a comment about giving our family the best of us, not the rest of us – and as busy Realtors- this hit home with nearly everyone in the room… This for some was a defining moment as we all looked within ourselves and knew that at one point or another- we have all felt that way by losing sight of what’s important.

It definitely hit home with me… When I describe my family- I always say my wife Jessica has “the hard job” as she stays home with our twin daughters (4) and son (3 in April).. She’s amazing and sometimes I take it for granted.. I had a big “Aha” a while back – and it came back up today as I thought about Brent’s comment- which is- In regards to leadership, training, personal development and real estate- we teach and preach being “learning based” – what I realized is I focus on all of those things but if I don’t become more of a learning based father and husband– does the other stuff matter?  I believe everyone in the room today felt the need to refocus..

Here’s the question to ask yourself:  On a scale of 1 to 10- how would you rate your home life?   After you answer the question… Here’s the next one (and the kicker) – How would your significant other rate it?   Are your answers the same?  Why are they different?  If you have different numbers- what is one or two things you can each do to pull your numbers closer together?  Give it some thought- I will as well..

So- where does Keller Williams Realty fall into this dialogue? – As a company-we get it at a high level..(but we as individuals need continual reinforcement)  KW understands that life isn’t about real estate.. That’s right, I said it.. We’re a company that puts our faith and our family first- the business third… What does this mean? – to many- it means different things and you can interpret it as you want- that’s the beauty of the company- you decide for yourself.  Today was a great reminder- that we all need to keep this in perspective.

Here’s what I believe- Real Estate is the vehicle to fund your life’s mission.  Whatever that may be for you- Sure we love helping people with their dreams of home ownership, etc.. But on our deathbed- we’re never doing to say- “man, I wish I would have worked more..”  So what’s really important- is to figure out what is your “Big Why?” –What are you passionate about?  Who’s life are you leading? Are you on the path towards everything you’ve always wanted?  Are your actions consistent with your vision for the future?

Keller Williams Realty is all about helping you build a career worth having, a business worth owning, and a life worth living- that’s what it’s all about – the life! – How are you going to have a great life- through your amazing business- and if we are in business together- we have an obligation to help make you successful through our technology (best in the industry-bar none), our systems, tools, models, course curriculum (for all agents-not just new), profit sharing, and amazing culture..

If you are reading this- and not with Keller Williams Realty- you owe it to yourself, your family and ultimately your legacy to check us out.. There’s a reason why we are sky rocketing our way to Total World (world soon- USA and Canada now) Domination!  Contact me today for your confidential interview– you may be surprised at what you learn. 

If you are with Keller Williams- I would love your comments on this post– as to if any of this hits home for you.

Yours in success,

Perry Hurth

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  • Matt Brady // March 5, 2010 at 6:48 am | Reply

    Thank you for organizing a wonderful leadership afternoon, and adding such a thoughtful post.

    Thank you for adding your perspective. Simply, the best!

    I walked out a very confident man and proud to be associated with such wonderful colleagues.

    I couldn’t wait to get home to hug & kiss my wife and play with my kids.

    Thank You!

    Matt B.

  • Cotty Lowry // March 5, 2010 at 12:13 pm | Reply

    Good job Perry — There is so much depth to Keller Williams that it’s hard to get our arms around, but you really have summed it up in these words.

    Thank you.

  • Cyndi Johnson // March 5, 2010 at 3:30 pm | Reply


    Thank you for this amazing event! I have been with Keller for just over a year now and I am a completely different person than when I walked in the door. I am so grateful for you and this company! I love how real we all can be here! Truly an amazing experience.

    Thank you for your leadership Perry!

    Cyndi Johnson

  • Olivia Manson // March 6, 2010 at 1:11 am | Reply

    Very nicely stated Perry! I can honestly say that KW has changed my life. Realtors with other companies are missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime!
    Keep up the awesome work in Minneapolis Perry! They are very blessed to have such a great leader!

  • Brent Johnson // March 6, 2010 at 4:17 am | Reply

    Thanks again for the opportunity to learn, share, discuss and reflect. It was an incredible afternoon, and an incredible book. The first chapter nearly made me throw up, it hit so close to home. I have spent the past 3 years full of despair as I saw my business falter, the company that I, in essence, grew up in flounder and, after 40 years, finally close. We came to Keller Williams hoping for a magic fix, but the name on the sign won’t do that. It took engaging with our colleagues, commitment to the models and the philosophy. It took, truthfully, some time of mourning our old life, our old business, and our old way of thinking, to realize what a bright future lay ahead of us. It got very dark before this bright new dawn, and now that the sun is starting to shine again, it takes a daily commitment to faith, family, hard work, hard play, lifting each other up and, sometimes, pushing each other forward. Thank you, Perry, Tom, ALC and the others in attendance, for creating an environment where true feelings and fears can be shared, true successes and triumphs can be celebrated, and where each moment of each day seems ripe with opportunity, not just for financial success, but for friendships to be formed, and lives to be changed.

    Be blessed as each of you blesses me.


Beautiful traditional floor plan contemporary in Mantua Woods. Open House Sunday March 7, 2010 from 1:30-4:00



Consumer Reports Home & Garden Blog: By the Numbers: How long will your appliances last? It depends

I found this chart to be helpful is estimating how long your appliances will last.  Helpful for real estate sellers and buyers.

Consumer Reports Home & Garden Blog: By the Numbers: How long will your appliances last? It depends.

Selling Your House in a Down Real Estate Market – ABC News

Selling Your House in a Down Real Estate Market – ABC News

This article and video is from Good Morning America featuring Gary Keller, the brilliance behind Keller Williams!

The Extended Home Buyer Tax Credit: The Basics for REALTORS, Homebuyers, and Home owners from the National Association of REALTORS.

The Extended Home Buyer Tax Credit: The Basics for REALTORS, Homebuyers, and Home owners from the National Association of REALTORS..

Real Estate in Mantua, VA

I love selling homes in Mantua and am very familiar with it;  having grown up here, and my parents and sister currently live here.  Mantua is a community of single family homes in Fairfax County, VA. Most the homes were built between the 1950s and the 1980s and many owners have been there since the 50s.  More recently there have been new homes built on lots where existing homes have been torn down or completely rebuilt.  As an established neighborhood, the landscaping is lush and beautiful with the homes blend naturally on the land. The community is active with parades, citizens associations, kids and parents organizations, and a community pool and tennis club with competitive teams.
Please call me if you would like more information on Mantua and would like to see some of the lovely homes currently available for sale.